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Other Relevant Links for Extra Help

In a crisis now and need to talk, or it's outside of Harmony Counselling Services business hours?

You may find the following services helpful:

Emergency Services – are a 24-hour free phone or text service (calls from a mobile phone with no credit are free) to request Police, Ambulance or Fire assistance if you are in need of URGENT medical or safety assistance or an incident is occurring at the time of your call  - phone 111 now. 

If you cannot talk but are in danger, dial 111 and stay silent - then press 55. You will be transferred to police. Listen to the call taker and follow their instructions while they despatch police officers to aid your crisis. 

Otherwise for NON emergency support, phone 105 for all other inquiries or are in need of general non urgent assistance.

Police - For all urgent and non-urgent criminal matters. You can also find a range of helpful information including the process for supporting you in a family harm/violence situation as well as the sexual assault/abuse reporting process, so you can make an informed decision before contacting police. 

Also, any person can also apply under the Family Violence Information Disclosure Scheme (FVIDS) if you are concerned about a person who is in a relationship and have concerns about their safety. The police can then check that person in their system and if there is a history of family violence then they can contact the person at risk in the relationship to advise of the risk and refer them for additional support if desired.


Ambulance - For all urgent and non-urgent medical transport as well as first-aid training courses, first aid supplies and AED Defibrillators.


Fire - For all urgent and non-urgent fire and rescue requirements. 


The Alcohol Drug Helpline – is a 24-hour free phone service to speak with a trained Counsellor for friendly, non-judgmental, professional help and advice. If you are concerned about your own drinking or drug taking they can assist with information, insight and support. If you are a family/whanau member, friend concerned about someone else they can help you develop strategies for yourself and the other person. They provide specific services including those for Māori, Pacific peoples, Youth, Work and Income clients and those impacted upon by Methamphetamine use and include e a big range of useful printed information they can send you.


Crisis Assessment Team (CAT) – Phone 0800 920 092 a free 24-hour crisis service by Registered Nurses and Psychiatrists for assessment of mental health emergencies.


Depression NZ – is a 24-hour free phone, text or email service to communicate with a Counsellor about your feelings around depression, anxiety or suicidal and self-harm thoughts. They also have specialist services to support Maori and Pasefika people and online tests you can take to assess your depression and anxiety for yourself if you wish to.


Elder Abuse – provides a 24-hour free service to speak with a Registered Nurse who will listen and advise anyone who needs information or support about elder abuse – whether they are enquiring for themself or whether they are someone who’s concerned it might be happening to a friend or family member. Callers will then be referred to local elder abuse services to get the help they need.


Free to Talk – is a 24-hour free phone or text service to communicate with a Counsellor about any issue troubling you including suicidal and self-harm thoughts.


Healthline – is a 24-hour free phone service to speak with a Registered Nurse for advice about any non-emergency health concern you may have. If it is a medical emergency – please call Emergency Services on 111 and ask for an ambulance.


Hey Bro – is a free 24-hour free phone service to get confidential advice and help with Family Harm/Violence including for those who are doing the harm.  When you are angry or have been angry and are ready to seek help they are waiting for your call. They understand how anger can take control and lead to hurting people you love. Their goal is to keep whanau/families together safely using their experience and ability to provide various support services needed. 


Lifeline Aotearoa – is a 24-hour free phone or text service to communicate with a Counsellor or trained volunteer about any issue troubling you, including suicidal and self-harm thoughts.


Kidsline – is a free 24-hour free phone service to speak with a trained youth volunteer about any issue troubling you for all children and youth up to 18 years old. On weekdays between 4pm – 9pm, you talk directly with a specially trained 'Kidsline Buddy' who is a year 12 or year 13 student and can support you with your particular situation and feelings.


Oranga Tamariki – is a 24-hour free phone service to speak with a trained Social Worker if you have any care and protection concerns for the welfare of a child. You can speak to them anonymously if you choose about your worry for the child/children concerned or you can email them instead.


Plunketline is a free 24-hour phone parent helpline and advice service available to all families, whānau and caregivers seven days a week. When you call PlunketLine your call will be answered by a Plunket nurse, who can give you health advice and information on parenting issues and your child’s health and wellbeing. They also have nurses who can speak other languages. You don’t have to be registered with Plunket to access or use PlunketLine services.


Safe to Talk – is a 24-hour free phone or online chat service to communicate with a Counsellor relating to any issue regarding Sexual Abuse/Harm. They also provide specialist support for Maori Wahine, Migrants & Refugees, Lesbian & Older Women as well as Women with Disabilities and Youth/Children.


Samaritans – is a 24-hour free phone service to talk about your feelings around depression, anxiety, suicidal and self-harm thoughts, despair, distress ​or whatever you're going through, to support you through a tough time. 


Womens Refuge – is a free 24-hour free phone service to get confidential advice and help with Family Harm/Violence. They can provide emergency safe accommodation to keep your and your children safe.  


Victim Support – provides a 24-hour free service for victims of crimes to access support with a trained volunteer and referral to funded free therapy sessions with a specific trauma experienced Counsellor under one of four of their funding Victim Assistance Schemes - (VAS) including Homicide Counselling, Death by a Criminal Act Counselling, Serious Crime Emergency and Civil Defence Emergency Management Counselling.


Youthline – is a free 24-hour service for youth to speak with a Counsellor via text, phone, web chat, Skype, email or face to face about any issues troubling you including suicidal and self-harm thoughts. They are also happy to speak with other family members, carers, parents and grandparents.


Other useful community services:

ACC – Find information on how to access free counselling if you have suffered from a physical injury affecting you or have experienced sexual harm for a 'Sensitive Claims' registered therapist. You do not need to have reported to police to access this counselling service.


After A Suicide – Helpful information for families, whanau and friends offering practical information and guidance if someone you love or care about has died by suicide.  


All Right? – A Cantabrian resource for information on various emotional wellbeing and parenting related issues to provide support. They have many culturally specific resources available as well as an extensive list of Canterbury based parenting courses and free mental wellbeing resources for whanau/families and workplaces.


Aunty Dee – Free online tool for anyone who needs some help working through a problem or problems using a systematic approach to decision-making, based on structured problem-solving including the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach. Aunty Dee has been culturally designed with Pacifica people in mind.


Benestar - An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider that contracts to employers to provide counselling and critical incident services at no cost to the employee.


Blind Low Vision NZ (formerly Blind Foundation) - A service for blind or low vision people to assist with various supports available.


Canterbury District Health Board Mental Health Services – a free non-emergency general and specialist mental health community service with Registered Nurses, Psychiatrists and other Allied Health Professionals for those experiencing acute or chronic mental health issues including eating disorders, forensic, intellectual disability for children, youth, adults and older persons. They provide assessment, treatment and support services.


Cerebral Palsy Society – Clients with Cerebral Palsy can apply for a limited number of free funded "Get Up Again" counselling sessions with a therapist of their choice.


The Child Cancer Foundation - they give personalised support to families with a child who has cancer through a one-to-one connection. They help with the big things like emotional, social and practical support but they also provide support with the little things that you have probably never even thought about.


Citizens Advice Bureau - Provides free, confidential, independent information and advice to anyone on thousands of helpful topics. We help people know what their rights are and how to access services they need. 


Community Alcohol & Drug Service (CADS) – A free outpatient service located in Christchurch providing comprehensive alcohol and drug assessment, treatment planning and advice. You can self-refer or be referred by another service. Open Monday to Friday 830am – 5pm.


Community Law – They offer all sorts of free legal help on a range of issues, from easy-to-read information, to community workshops, to one-on-one legal help in local offices all over New Zealand.

EAP Works - An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider that contracts to employers to provide counselling and critical incident services at no cost to the employee.


EZi Speak – A phone or face to face language interpreting service to support non or limited English speaking people to communicate. Available currently in 180+ languages.


Family Violence It's Not Ok – An information line for information about services that can help you if you are experiencing or witnessing violence, or want to change your own behaviour. It is OK to ask for help. 


Gambling Helpline – a free 24-hour phone service to speak with a Counsellor for people experiencing problem gambling or for those people who are supporting someone with a gambling problem. They also have specialist services to support Maori, Pasefika, and Youth. They can provide specific debt and budgeting assistance.


Instep - An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider that contracts to employers to provide counselling and critical incident services at no cost to the employee.


Le Va – Helpful information and support for Pasifika families and communities to unleash their full potential and have the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes by covering issues from suicide and violence prevention, mental health and addiction, educational scholarships, pasifika cultural engagement training and more.


Male Survivors Aotearoa – The Canterbury Men's Centre provides a confidential male specific support service for men who have been sexually harmed including prison inmates or males on probation.


Ministry of Health Disability Services – A service to support people and their family or carers with various disabilities.


Money Talks – Available to provide free budgeting advice to individuals, family and whānau including helping you understand your financial situation, organise your debt, plan for the future and get you in touch with a local budgeting service near you.

Netsafe – Is an independent organisation focused on online safety. They help people stay safe online by providing free online safety education, advice and support. They can provide information and advice about using digital technology safely and about managing online challenges, such as online harassment, bullying and abuse.

NZ Relay – A service for deaf, hearing impaired or speech impaired people to be able to communicate via the many options available that they can provide.


Outline NZ – A service to support LGBTIQ+ community members and family members with any issues relating to gender or sexual diversity.


Quitline – a free phone, text, online or face to face service to speak with a trained quit smoking worker to support you to stop smoking, including access to Nicotine patches, gum and lozenges.


Resilience Hub - for specifically connecting Cantabrians to various health support organisations and wellbeing information during tough times.


Skype Counselling Benefits - If you would like to see an overview of the pros and cons of Skype counselling, check out the following link: 


Stop Christchurch – An Assessment and Intervention service for adolescents and adults who have engaged in harmful sexual behaviour and for children with concerning sexual behaviours.


Stratos Ltd - An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider that contracts to employers to provide counselling and critical incident services at no cost to the employee.


Whanau Ora Services – Helpful information for Maori and whanau on a range of kaupapa Maori services in the Canterbury region including mental health, pregnancy, parenting, tamariki well child checks, mobile nurses, individual health care plans, smoking cessation and more.  


Work & Income NZ (WINZ) Counselling – Information and benefits relating to subsidised counselling fees and assistance with transport costs to attend counselling sessions. You don't have to be already on a WINZ benefit to qualify for this assistance.


There are many other services in the community not listed here. If you would like information about a service to support your specific need, feel free to ask me, and I will be happy to assist you further.