Harmony Counselling Service

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Providing You Compassionate Counselling Services

I invite you to attend a session with me at Harmony Counselling Service at my private consulting room at 50 Croziers Rd, St Albans, Christchurch, New Zealand. Contact me now to discuss your counselling needs. I can help you work through a range of life struggles so you can restore balance, happiness, and peace in your life.

My fees are industry competitive, with a range of times to choose from that best suits your needs ranging from 1/2 hour (for young children), 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2-hour appointments. 

There is no additional fee for including my pet therapy animals, 'Maggie', 'Hamish' or 'Molly' into your sessions to experience the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy.  

Additionally you may wish to practice the simple skill of 'mindfulness' on your arrival, during the session and departure by simply noticing the chirping wild birds or clucking from the free range rescue pet chickens feeding on bird seed and foraging in the beautiful surrounds of the colourful flower garden, accompanied by the gentle sounds of the water fountain and wind chimes.

I offer counselling services for Adults, Couples, Children and Youth as well as Family Therapy sessions.

I can provide free a set number of free sessions if you are an employee and eligible for the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for counselling with Benestar, EAP Works, Instep and Stratos through your employer.

If you have experienced sexual harm and wish to access ACC Sensitive Claim funded counselling, as an ACC approved provider I can support you with lodging a claim, along with fully funded therapy.

I can also offer a set number of fully funded sessions if you have been impacted by being a  victim of a serious crime or natural disaster, via a Victim Support Victim Assistance Scheme (VAS) referral.

The Cerebral Palsy Society provides Cerebral Palsy clients a set amount of funding via their voucher system to provide payment for your counselling sessions, which I am always happy to accept.

The Child Cancer Foundation provides a set number of sessions fully funded by them, for eligible families with a child who has been diagnosed with cancer.

If you are an existing WINZ client, low income earner or student you may be eligible for subsidised sessions from WINZ.

My Fees are (GST inclusive);

(Whether in person at my consulting room, via Skype or other video call platforms, or Phone call)

$65 for 1/2hr (Young Children Only)

$130 for 1 Hour

$195 for 1.5 Hours

$260 for 2 Hours

$0 for a limited number of sessions for employees whose employer has contracted Benestar, EAP Works, Instep, Stratos and Vitae to provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselling services.

$0 for ACC funded Sensitive Claim clients. ACC can also support clients with travel costs getting to and from appointments.

$0 for Cerebral Palsy Society funded clients with the vouchers provided as part of the "Get Up Again" program.

$0 for Child Cancer Foundation funded clients.

$0 for a limited number of sessions for people who are impacted by a serious crime or natural disaster and eligible via Victim Support under one of four of their funding schemes (Homicide Counselling, Death by a Criminal Act Counselling, Serious Crime Emergency and Civil Defence Emergency Management Counselling). They can also support you with the travel cost of attending the sessions if you travel 16km or more (return journey).

$130 which you pay directly to me for 1 Hour for WINZ Clients*

*Where a subsidised payment is provided by WINZ directly into your account via the appropriate doctors' referral. This means the cost of each session is covered for WINZ clients. WINZ may also provide additional funding for costs associated with travelling to and from your counselling sessions.